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Phenomenal . . .
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Friday, April 5, 2013

To Create Texture in Short Locks

 Hair and Makeup by Benita Blocker.

In order to create the texture in this final hairstyle, I used the "Fuzzy Sticks" to flat twist my Sisterlocks.  Most people use the Fuzzy Sticks to create spirals in longer locks as discussed in one of my previous articles on this blog.

However, because I am trying showcase as much length as I can get at all times, I flat twisted my Sisterlocks  two horizontally across the front, and the rest of the flat twists going toward the back.
I dried my hair under the platform dryer until they were completely dry.  I used a wide stretchy headband at  night to stuff my locks to deliver volume at the roots on top of my head and  maintain texture within the ends of my locks.

Pictured above is the textured look after the fuzzy sticks were taken out of the flat twists and fingerstyled.

Unfortunately, my curl pattern still requires me to do something to it at night, otherwise my locks will straighten and stick straight out.  Seriously, I look like I stuck my hand in the electrical socket if I do not use the stuffed headband approach or pin curl them.  So the Sisterlocks are still not "no maintenance."

The biggest advantages that I see so far is that

1) I am not afraid of getting my hair wet
2) I do not have to use another chemical on my hair again
3) my hairline at my nape seems to be filling back in; I had forgotten that it used to be fuller years ago.

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