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Phenomenal . . .
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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Custom Wig Cap Options

With the success of my latest custom "stocking cap wig, " I wanted to discuss the different options for the wig base.

The Weaving Cap is best for sew-in weaves.  The Adjustable Weaving cap is also good for sew-in weaves as well as sewing in clips for an additional secure fit.

The Wave Cap and the Wig Cap are similar.  The wave cap seems to fit more snugly around the hairline than the traditional wig cap.  Both are designed for gluing extension hair to them.  Hair pins can be pushed through the stocking material as well for added security.

So far the wave cap has not been too hot for me while sporting my latest look.  My Sisterlocks must be raising the cap enough for air to flow through it.  It feels good, secure, and breathable.

Apparently, a lot of the hair industry is about glamour, hair extensions, and wigs .  . . and less about hair.  I am going to try to add more hair topics soon, but I am also going to continue talking about the "pulse of the hair" industry - hair enhancements.

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