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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Certified Sisterlocks Consultant: Rosa Crawford

 Certified Sisterlocks Consultant Rosa Crawford is avoiding me at all costs.  I have called her, texted her, and sent her mail by Federal Express.  She will not stand by her work. 

She even had this attorney to write me a letter to avoid hearing from me.

I asked her at my initial formal Sisterlocks consultation to put her "quote" in writing.  So as seen in the picture of the piece of plain paper above, $750.00 total minus the $125.00 cash deposit left a balance of $625.00 due at completion of the Sisterlocks locking session.  This was the agreement six weeks prior to the locking session.  I had to hand this sheet of paper back to her for her signature.  She did not seem to want to sign it.  Maybe because it was a paper trail?  At this point, I expected her to order my Sisterlocks starter kit since she had a $125.00 USD cash down payment.

But no, she did not order the starter kit prior to my locking session. The starter kit includes the paperwork to send into headquarters in order to receive my Sisterlocks birth certificate as seen in the first picture above.  After begging for my starter kit which should have been given to me at the completion of the locking session, this consultant told me that many consultants do not even offer the "starter kit."  She eventually gave my starter kit to me.  I could not believe the horrible business etiquette that I was encountering with this consultant.
I brought my own receipt book during the locking session because she did not have one at the consultation.  I paid her $300.00 cash after the first 12 hour day.

On the second 8 hours day, I paid her the final $325.00.

So let me explain even further, the only paper trail of Rosa Crawford even doing my hair was by every effort on my part.

1) I had to insist on the starter kit in order to send my paperwork into Sisterlocks headquarters for my Sisterlocks birth certificate.

2) I had to insist on the "$750.00" quote be put into writing with her partial signature.

3) I had to bring my own receipt book and insist on her signing off on my two payments.

If I had not insisted on all of these steps to show a paper trail, then I without a doubt think that Rosa Crawford would have denied that she had even completed my head of Sisterlocks.  I would have had absolutely NO proof of the cash that I paid her.  Who collects $750.00 USD CASH without providing the customers with receipts?????

I can not begin to put into words how disgusted I am with the way this woman has treated me, how she failed to provide me with Sisterlocks within the Sisterlocks parting card sizes, and how I know that I am not the only one who has felt scammed by her.

I have asked for $417.50 to be returned to me because I will need to get some of my locks corrected.  This amount is half of the locking session plus half of the first retightening session($85).  I have tried to resolve this  matter privately and in a professional manner, but she consistently ignored all of my attempts.

As stated in previous articles, Rosa Crawford does have some satisfied customers.  However, I know that I am not the only dissatisfied customer.  She was constantly ready to blame the client for any and everything that went wrong with their Sisterlocks based on the discussions that I had with her on the four to five times that I was serviced by her.

I really, really recommend that anyone that uses Rosa Crawford for Sisterlocks services should insist on a paper trail by bringing your own receipt book.  I would take pictures of your hair before and after if she completes your locking session.

She told me that she is used to "more laid back" clientele than I.  She said that she did notice something different about me. This discussion happened while arguing with her via telephone about not receiving my Sisterlocks Starter kit.  She also mentioned that she learned her lesson.  She will have to make sure she provides the starter kit in the future.  Excuse me,  but that is a part of the Sisterlocks package anyway.  She seemed very manipulative and eager to shift blame and make you feel inferior to her as the "certified Sisterlocks consultant" at every service visit.

Rosa Crawford does not stand behind her Sisterlocks work and refuses to resolve my situation as two adults.  Because we are both now active with Sisterlocks headquarters, Sisterlocks is being as neutral as possible at this very moment.

However, at the end of the day, the bottom line is that "the customer is always right."


  1. It's good that you are laying down your evidence for anyone to see. You have nothing to hide and did everything right and in a respectful manner. You were an informed client, not a difficult one. I'm always upfront with hairdressers as to my expectations and I will tell when something is wrong (and praise when something is right too)

    1. Thank you so much for your support! I definitely wanted to present a complete factual picture because legally, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but facts are the facts. I am still waiting for her attorney to let me know what she wants to do to resolve my complaint. The situation is just dragging on and on over $400 . . . I supposed it is just principle at this point, at least on my side of it.

  2. My complaint against this Sisterlocks Consultant, Rosa Crawford, was settled out of court.