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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wave Nouveau Coiffure Remix Rings

Do these retexturizing rods look familiar?  If you remember my previous article about Mizani Lacers, then they are the same thing.  I found these at the 2013 mid-Winter Bronner Brothers International Hair show.

The Wave Nouveau Coiffure Remix Rings come in at least three different colors.  Each package is 24 count, but the price points are about half of the Mizani Lacers price.   The two other colors that are not pictured represent size medium and size small rings.  The green ones pictured are labelled "large."

Soft Sheen Carson is the brand.  Mizani and Soft Sheen Carson are all under the L'Oreal umbrella as their parent company.


  1. Please see my July 2013 article on the Mizani lacers.

  2. I just found these Remix rings for sale at Universal Beauty Supply, 7411-29 E. Independence Blvd in Charlotte, NC.