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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sisterlocks Training: Boston versus Charlotte

Boston, MA Sisterlocks 4-day training Session (August 2012)

1) 8 out of 13 classmates had long, beautiful Sisterlocks.  (incredible!)
2) over 50% of the class was from Massachussetts.
3) At least two classmates were from overseas.  (Germany and British Virgin Islands)
4) One of the certified Sisterlocks consultants had at least two of her clients becoming Sisterlocks trainees.  (Team Building)
5) I was the only licensed cosmetologist in the class.

Charlotte, NC  Sisterlocks 4-day training Session (January 2013)

1) Only 1 out of 13 classmates had long, beautiful Sisterlocks.   (She was from Fayetteville, NC)
2) over 50% of the class was from North Carolina.
3) less than 50% of the class was from the metro Charlotte area; No overseas classmates.
4) The Sisterlocks Associate Trainer (from Fayetteville, NC) had one of her clients present for Sisterlocks refresher training.  (Team building in Fayetteville, NC; and again, the only classmate with long Sisterlocks.)
5) There were two other licensed cosmetologists in the class.
6)  My classmates hairstyles included  starter "Sisterlocks",  Interlocks, Traditional locks, Intermediate "Sisterlocks", hair extensions, and some naturally, loose afros.
7) Other cities represented included Pittsburgh, PA, Washington DC,  Roanoake, VA, Raleigh NC.

So in summary, when you are surrounded by long, beautiful Sisterlocks within your class (like my Boston class), it makes you feel more confident about your Sisterlocks decision.  Picture taking within a Sisterlocks class makes sense . . . because you have several heads of Sisterlocks all around you to be amazed about.

However, when you are NOT surrounded by long, beautiful Sisterlocks within your class (like my Charlotte class), one becomes less comfortable with their Sisterlocks decision as far as competency of the Sisterlocks consultants in one's city.  Picture taking in a Sisterlocks class where most of the class are not "Sisterlocks" Showcase-ready is a bit awkward.

On a separate note, after attending two 4-day Sisterlocks training within a five month period, I definitely feel more complete.  I really feel that every trainee should have refresher training within the first year of their initial training.  No one should depend on learning from other local Sisterlocks consultants who are not actual "Sisterlocks" Trainers at least not in this area.  There are too many certified Sisterlocks consultants in the metro Charlotte area who are running their Sisterlocks business their way; not the Sisterlocks way.

I have paid out about $3000.00 into Sisterlocks headquarters and its certified Sisterlocks consultants within the last six months.  If you include flight and hotel stays, around $4000.00.  So I am "Sisterlocks" invested.  "I put my money where my mouth is."

I definitely plan to charge for my Sisterlocks services accordingly, and I intend to deliver quality Sisterlocks services (styling, grooming, locking).  My speed will have to come later.  Even though, I am at the beginner level as a registered Sisterlocks trainee,  I am hoping that customers will appreciate my Sisterlocks dedication and investment thus far in my Sisterlocks journey along with my cosmetology licenses in three states.

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