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Monday, February 11, 2013

Shaven Legs: Learning about Hair Growth

Have you ever shaved your legs and felt stubble by the next day?  That's proof that your hair does grow.  If you are fighting gray hair, then that would also explain that the new growth of gray hair is a never ending battle to keep covered.

Now, let's take the discussion even farther, if you never shave your legs, would you grow a ponytail full of hair on your legs?  No, for some reason, the length does stop growing on the legs based on individual genetics.

Most stylists will say "cutting your hair" does not make it grow, but I have found that if there is a patch of hair that is not growing; if you cut it back, then it does spawn hair growth.  Hair on your head can reach unlimited length without regard to hair type.  One has to learn to work with their hair versus against it.

Also, for many, the side or patch of hair that you want to grow out is on the side that you do not want to lose any more hair length. So a good cut is usually a great idea if you want to try a shorter look, but it is not an option for someone longing for length.  Adding some hair extensions to support the style may be a good option.  If the hair is growing, but it is breaking at the ends, then one must determine what is causing the breakage in order to gain length.  Cutting breaking hair may help with style, but it will not resolve the breakage problem.

Identify the breakage factor, cut the hair into a healthy style, and either wear new look or add  hair extensions to enhance the old look.

So that's a lot to learn from shaving legs . . .

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  1. So many people invest in laser hair removal now that the traditional "shaving" method may seem like an ancient practice, but just try to remember that method while embracing this article. I added this comment to make sure people knew that I am aware of threading and other more advanced hair removal methods. Smile. However, shaving is more equivalent to haircutting for theoretical hair training purposes.