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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Maintenance regimen for Human Hair Extensions

To refresh human hair extensions,  you can pre-shampoo the human hair extensions with TRESemme Color Revitalize Color Protection conditioner. In other words, before you wet the extensions, just run this TRESemme conditioner through the extension hair to soften and keep the extension hair manageable.

Then shampoo the extensions as needed.  I usually let the "run off" water from the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo and other shampoos cleanse the extension hair, then use the Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Conditioner to condition the human hair under the platform dryer.

The TRESemme conditioner can be used to coat the extension hair during a permanent hair color service as well.  It will add a layer of protection to the extension hair from the haircolor rinse water.

So far, the Lugo's hair from Miami has been the longest lasting hair without tangling, but it sheds a good bit.  Now, I just got word that "Indique" has long lasting hair without tangling, and I was told it does NOT shed.  I will keep you posted.  Indique's hair is even more expensive than Lugo's.

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