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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Infusion Hairline: Beyond the Invisible Part

 Pictured is a sew-in weave with the invisible part area glued with the infusion hairline technique.  Special thanks to my classmate who allowed me to capture her infusion hairline prior to the start of class.

Believe it or not, I was one of the original creators of the invisible part.  The technique caught on fast and others are continuing to perfect it.
 Platform Artist Travis White starts the quickweave with dry hair.  Based on his clients' feedback, they say that they encounter less itching by starting the quickweave with dry hair versus the wet mold process.
 Travis prefers the wrap strips and weave cap for quickweaves.  It is not breathable, but it is definitely quicker than the "protection serums" and their drying time.
 Clients typically wear quickweave for 2 to 3 weeks at a time.  Those who "work-out" in the bed or workout in the gym  (i.e. heavy sweating) may get some stocking cap slippage.  Otherwise, this method should hold up.
 The 27 piece or 28 piece weaving kit is core for giving contrasting style.
 Travis "The Great" does not like closures or closure pieces so he places tracks and builds to have track to cover track.
 This is the back of the finished style.
This is the front of the finished style showcasing a partial infusion hairline along the bang area plus the 27 piece clippered down with a 001 clipper head going in the direction of the weave placement pinching some of the hairline to give a piecy effect.

As far as flat iron recommendations go, Travis the Great recommends the Red Pro Titanium 460 flat iron.  He cautions about the heat temperatures.  He reminds us that 350 degrees is enough to bake a cake so careful with the heat.  The Red Pro Titanium 460 flat iron can reach 460 degrees.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I know that I did not tell you how to achieve the Infusion hairline . . .  because I do not want you all to "Do it Yourself" (DIY).  I want you to book your quickweave with infusion hairline appointment with me.  Big Smile.  Or you can buy DVDs from the  team.

This class was a part of the 2013 mid-Winter Bronner Brothers International Hair show.

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