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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Five Curl patterns Comparisons

I provide hair cutting services to a diverse clientele from Indian to Hispanic to White (hair type not shown here) to African American.  I have been taking the time to save some of the hair clippings  or hair left in the shampoo bowl to study and compare curl patterns.

Two Type 2 curl patterns are shown here.  I also have two Type 4 curl patterns shown.  I can see how a person with type 3 curl pattern could feel the need to relax their hair occasionally when compared to a Type 2 curl pattern.

Type 4 curl patterns must understand that there is no texturizer that will elongate their curl pattern into a type 2 nor type 3.  Most people with type 4 curl patterns are trained to relax their curl pattern to have a straighter look.  However, by looking at the type 4 curl pattern in comparison to the other patterns, it is clear to see that if relaxers are designed to seek after every curvature, it literally would be attacking the type 4 curl pattern viciously.  Even to "flat iron" type 4 hair seems that it would "press" the "curls" in versus straightening it out.  It is clear to see that locking type 4 curl patterns would be the healthiest, simpliest hair styling option, but many women are not ready to give up their "creamy crack."  They enjoy their straight edges because that is what they are accustomed despite the known toxicity of the chemical relaxers.

Women have to continue to evaluate their hair goals on a quarterly basis.  No one has to get relaxer services, but in order to "manage" certain hair types without locking it, the relaxer is the most trusted option.

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