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Friday, February 22, 2013

Ethnic Hair Direction: What are your thoughts?

Lately, I have been stopping "sistahs" left and right asking about their hair.  I do NOT introduce myself as a hairstylist.  I am just another sistah admiring other sistahs' hair. What I am finding is that a lot of sistahs are doing their own hair or they have a "hair partner" where they do each other's hair.

Also, while attending the Atlanta hair show recently, I realized that successful hair professionals (barbers and/or stylists) may only be earning about $52K per year.  Thirty years ago, $52K was good money.  Manufacturing was prosperous in the USA.  Housing was very affordable.  Money was flowing like water.

Now, the hair service prices have not changed much for men's haircuts and some ladies' hair services; however, the cost of living is significantly higher.  So the ethnic hair professionals are now earning less for the same amount of work that they now have the expertise of doing much better at least in some cases.

I am constantly hearing about hairstylists relocating to find a better market.  Of course, some return back to their familiar territory and others find other jobs where they can make a fixed paycheck.

As far as excuses for people to get their hair done, typically, job interviews, job presentations, a day off, and social events are the main reasons that drive my non-regular clients in for hair services.  So my questions  to the ethnic hair consumers are

1) Would you donate $10 periodically to a hairstylist's retirement account  (if she had one set-up) to show long-term support if you can not patronize the stylist on a regular basis?  That way when you periodically do make time for a hair appointment, your favorite stylist will still be around and available to service you.

2) Do you respect the hairstyling profession as legitimate and needed?

3) How do you feel about the billion dollars of hair extensions walking around?  Many sistahs have their natural hair braided down and prefer protective styling. However, the hair extension money is not going back to the community.  Many people are spending more for the hair than the labor.  For example:  Hair packages may cost $200, but people  may only spend $50 total labor to put it in.  Any thoughts on spending habits?

4) Are you still using ionic flat irons despite the massive hair damage that has been caused over the last three years?

5) When you go for hair services are you serviced by a licensed natural hair care specialist or a licensed cosmetologist?

Finally,  as I am approaching four years of writing this blog,  I want some feedback on continued direction. Are you interested in seeing more relaxed hair styling, natural hairstyling, product reviews, current hair events,  or what other hair topics that is on your wish list?

I look forward to the feedback!  It will benefit the styling industry as a whole.


  1. As for feedback on the future direction of your blog, I most appreciate the "hair science" that you provide, such as information about which proteins are best for our hair, how different kinds of relaxers work, etcetera. I'm still browsing through all of your old posts!

    1. Thank you C.E. - I will be working on more of those type of articles. I am happy that people want to learn more about hair!

  2. Replies
    1. Danysedai- definitely working on some more of those too!

  3. 4) Are you still using ionic flat irons despite the massive hair damage that has been caused over the last three years? What kind of flat iron do you recommend? I was looking at the 1.5" Sedu Revolution, I believe it's ionic.

    1. Hi MileHighDiva! Those who are diehard flat iron users should consider straightening their hair with a large barrel curling iron and only running the flat iron through the hair as the final pass. If you are going for curls, then a flat iron should NOT be used at all. I no longer use any type of ionic flat iron, only the one for the conventional stove.