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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Barbering Enhancement Spray for Thinning

 Notice the thinning temple area of the male hair model?  Sometimes the crown area can also be thinning.
Notice in this "after" picture that the male model's hairline looks fuller.  No thinning areas-right?  Well, there is a "Natural Black" Color spray by that uses an airbrush delivery system to allow the barber to "fade2black" with precision.  The spray does not run nor drip and can be shampooed out.

The barber should use a cardstock shield for the face in order to keep your edging neat. Spraying lightly will keep the target areas looking natural and blended.

I have written articles on "Gray Away" sprays before.  This barbering enhancement spray by is very similar.

In this particular barbering class, I found it interesting that platform artist "fade Master" used a brush in lieu of a comb with the "Ceasar" clipper haircut.

This class was held during the 2013 mid-Winter Bronner Brothers International Hair show.  For those new to the barbering world and considering barbering school, you should know that a successful barber probably earns about $1000.00 a week.  Extra revenues can be generated as a barber shop owner collecting booth rental.

Also, there are other brands of enhancement sprays on the market, a patch test may be necessary to make sure the client does not have an allergic reaction.

This class was hosted by Master barber Lee Bladez.  Barbering performed by the fade Master.

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