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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Why are Braids extensions equalling Breakage?

I have seen an alarming rate of women getting extreme breakage from braid extensions! It is perplexing. They are breaking all the way to the new growth in large patches.

So beware if you are thinking about getting braids to grow your hair out; then you may find that you are creating more damage.

Most of the women that have come to me for consultations have only mentioned that "braids" took their hair out. In the future, I will have to start asking which braids - kinky twists? Microbraids? Synthetic hair? Which brand of hair? to see if I can start to narrow down a more consistent pattern. Many women have been so disgusted that they barely want to speak. They just want their hair back.

I can only offer some insight or theories about what is happening:

1) The extension hair may be too heavy for your own hair if too long of length is used. Synthetic hair weighs more than Human hair, but synthetic hair is much cheaper than human hair.

2)Have the manufacturers changed the material that the synthetic hair is made from? Could the material be "cutting" into the hair strand?

3)Maybe the client's own hair has been flat ironed too much causing the actual hair strands to be weaker and unable to support the extension hair? I have warned in my articles for over a year that ionic flat irons burn the internal structure of the hair. It becomes thinner and weaker. I suggest grabbing a large barrel curling iron before grabbing a flat iron.

Whatever the case, women need to go back to the owners of the braid shops and let them know what happened! If enough people start doing this, then at least, the owner can look into what is the cause. Going to a licensed cosmetologist after the braids have broken the hair off may not do you much good. I have articles on this blog about growth serum and natural hair. Please consider reading those.

Women are feeling that they are all alone. Tell the right people - the owners of the braiding salon - in a tactful, professional way. Then consider invisible braids or shorter braid extensions on your new growth to maintain a style. Human hair is probably the safest option right now. The Gluefree Quick weave method may also be another styling option. Please see articles for that method on this blog as well.

Feel free to comment on this article if you want to share on your experience.


  1. So far, the Senegalese Twists seem to be the common thread from the feedback that I have received thus far. I still do not know if the synthetic fiber being used is cutting into the hair or if there is just too much stress or weight on the client's hair.

  2. Can you recommed a good brand of human braiding hair to use to add to my natural hair for a sew in. I'm allgeric to synthetic hair and I'm not sure what to get.

    1. Hi Chenoe123! Janet brand, Milky way, and Bohyme brands have served me well in the past. Platinum. If you trust shopping by phone, Lugo's Miami location offer human braiding hair. Tony Lugo has worked out great as well. I hope this helps.