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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Spotlight: Lugo Hair Center, Miami, FL

Commercial hair prices are still going through the roof! The price for a package of human hair has more than doubled in ten years! Unfortunately, hair bought ten years ago will probably be a little harder to sell to a consumer for full market price.

So those who are already paying $100 or more per pack in the stores, should consider purchasing from Lugo Hair Center. The hair is running about $105 per 4 ounce pack of 16 inch hair. The shipping is about $20. So for about $230 flat, you can have your two packs of beautiful human hair delivered to your home without dealing with the hair superstores.

Now, do not look for fancy packaging and tissue paper! The clean hair may be rubber banded and placed in a plain plastic shopping bag upon arrival. The hair is beautiful and looks textured like the ladies on the brochure pictured.
They offer about eight different wave/curl patterns. I have the swatches in my salon for clients to look at. "Semi Straight" is the most popular choice. It has a natural body wave or "s pattern" to it.

They also give you a list of over the counter shampoos and conditioners that they suggest you buy to maintain the hair. The hair lengths are bent over during the wefting process but the upside down cuticle on the hindside does not seem to cause any problems. There must be a special coating on the hair to keep the cuticle sealed down.

Alcohol based products may strip that coating and cause damage. Roller sets are recommended when using hair from Lugo. Also, their hair may shed a little more than "Indi-Remi" store brand. On the flip side, the wefts of the Lugo's hair are fuller, and you do not have to double the weft like the "Indi-Remi" brand. There seems to always be tradeoffs!

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