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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Schwarzkopf Hair color: A Healthier choice!

I had been wanting a healthier permanent haircolor option. I was looking for a haircolor that required the least amount of developer in its mixture. So far, Schwarzkopf Royal is working well. It is a one to one ratio of haircolor pigment to developer. It is a nice, thick creamy formula when mixed as you can see in the picture.

The Wella Color Perfect haircolor that I had been using may be too strong for relaxed hair long term. Also, it may be a little too strong for the scalp. Clients have been noticing some potentially thinner hairlines which is the first place the haircolor goes when clients are trying to color gray. The Wella color ratio was 1 to 2 with the majority of the mixture being developer.

My kinkier, relaxed clients have been put into semi-permanent, no mix haircolor to cover the gray. My less kinky, relaxed as well as natural clients will begin using the Schwarzkopf Royal formula of permanent haircolor.

Many stylist are looking to cut costs on the haircolor tubes, but I am looking for the healthiest options for my clients. The Schwarzkopf haircolor will be more expensive on my end. I will not raise my prices for the color service for maybe another year.

So far the finished results are healthy, shiny, well covered hair!

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