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Phenomenal . . .
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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Product Review: Renpure Organics Conditioner Color Protecting

This little neon green egg shaped packaging caught my attention in my local Harris Teeter grocery store. The "CLEARANCE PRICING" on the shelf for the whole product line also caught my attention. After reading the ingredients on this Color Protecting Deep Deep Deep Conditioner, I found plenty of glycerin and palm oil as well as some other great ingredients. It smelled fresh enough to experiment with so I bought it.

I used it a few times here and there, and I felt it worked pretty good with softening and detangling hair. It has a distinguished fruity smell that makes you alert to the use of the product. It does not smell bad but distinct enough to make anyone ask what is that conditioner that you are using?

The Renpure Organics product line uses liquified fruits and flowers. This also worried me about allergy proned clients. I only used this conditioner sparingly through the ends of the hair being careful not to overindulge at the roots where the scalp could be sensitive to it. It is a paraben free and sulfate free conditioner. It seems to be designed with "healthy hair" in mind.

Overall, it was working well with the clients' hair as an instant conditioner without any heat applied. So I went back to Harris Teeter to buy a few more at the clearance price, and they were all gone. Well, it's all good! At least, I got to try it!

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