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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Design Essentials Buzz - The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly!

The Good news: McBride Research, owners of Design Essentials brand is trying to stay competitive with the market. They now have a Professional Smoothing Treatment without the formaldehyde worries. They also announced an additional foam and setting lotion designed for the naturally kinky hairstyling trend.

The Bad news: The latest reformulation of their regular strength relaxer with Shea Butter is causing some shedding issues. (Please see separate articles on Design Essentials shea butter relaxer review) I personally had to switch all of my clients that were on this new relaxer into the new Affirm mild strength relaxer. Everyone is doing much better with the new Affirm relaxer. I even had another client to come to me who had been receiving the new Design Essential shea Butter relaxer service by another hairstylist. She felt her hair was losing thickness. I told her that the problem was probably with the relaxer not the hairstylist. Again, I used the Affirm Mild relaxer, and the results were healthy and shiny.

Now, for the Ugly: Pictured is the old formula of the Design Essentials Styling Spritz. It is darker in color than the newer hypoallergenic fragrance version.
According to the feedback on the grapevine, the new version of the Design Essentials Formations styling spritz is not working the same way. Yet, the company is saying it is the same "stuff" despite the fact that the ingredients list is not the same. Pictured is the old ingredient list from the old formula/bottle. (On a side note, I have some of this old formula to sell brand new if anyone wants to get their hands on it!)

Again, another example where the manufacturer is switching up formulas on us and "messing up" our money. We as hairstylists are on the front line dealing with our clientele. These company failures are at our expense initially, and we as hairstylists have no control. Product prices are going up and the economy is steadily challenging our ability to raise service prices. In the end, we all lose sometimes before we gain . . .

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