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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Would a Black Woman Cut off 5 inches of her own hair?

Shocking news: A cosmetologist friend of mine who is not working in the beauty industry at this time grew her Type 4 hair out for the last three years only to cut fives inches off of it and relax it. She seemed quite excited, but I was in shock! She said that it was becoming a lot of work doing it herself. I was still in shock. I had never met a Black woman to cut off that much natural, non-damaged hair just because she was tired of working with it. Even Halle Berry grew her hair long and cut it gradually back into a short cut. Well, Halle Berry does not have Type 4 curl pattern anyway. She is like a Type 2 or a Type 3 curl pattern.
So I could not believe that she cut a huge chunk of length off of her hair. She said that she grew out the length to wear huge afro puffs and other natural styling options. However, for relaxed hair, she preferred a shorter look. So she cut off about 3 inches in a shrinkage state. I stretched some of the 3 inch hair out to about 5 inches. That is 10 months of hair growth that she cut off. I told her that she was the first Black woman that I have met that did not mind having five inches of hair cut off.

I wonder if "Locks of Love" would accept "Type 4" hair? I believe that they need a "6 to 8 inch ponytail" which this bundle of hair that she donated to me would not qualify in length. However, I may look into this for future reference.

When my friend told me that she had cut her hair, I told her "save the hair!" Well, my first thoughts were "NO, don't cut it!" But she had already cut it. So then I said "save me some hair for my blog!" I plan to test different relaxers out on it. She gave me a sandwich bag full . . . so stay tuned. This opportunity to experiment is going to be priceless.

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