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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Safe Gray coverage on relaxed, type 4, resistant hair

As promised, a healthy solution to gray coverage on resistant, relaxed, type 4 hair. Also, those who have color allergies, consider this semi-permanent hair color option.

As stated in my previous article, gray hair /white hair is missing all colors. So all the primary colors need to be added back into it in order to get coverage and allow for the colors to cancel each other according to color theory.

I have chosen Nairobi TruColors Semi-permanent color for its intense pigment deposit. Also, they have a professional coloring guide to follow. In order to create a "Cognac" light brown color, I had to mix #4 Mahogany (reddish brown) with Marigold (yellow gold) as well as #2 Indigio (blue black). The percentage is mostly Mahogany followed by Marigold then Indigio as needed. Test the color mixture on a white paper towel, and you are ready to apply to resistant White hair.
There is no peroxide. There is no mixing with any activator nor lotion.

Dudley's Semi-permanent color line could also be used. I do not know the corresponding color names to achieve the same light brown color, but I do know that their semi-permanent haircolor does deposit a lot of color pigment as well.
For those who want Black semi-permanent color on their resistant, relaxed white hair but have found that the Nairobi color #1 Pure Black semi permanent haircolor only stains the hair. I am going to suggest using all three semi-permanent colors to cancel each other out therefore going dark. When you add medium heat, you should get a black color to deposit.

The individual bottles of Nairobi Tru Colors semi-permanent haircolor work great on pre-lightened hair such as bleached hair or on "sun kissed" hair. However, if you are fighting gray hair and need a corporate neutral black or brown, a medley of color bottles may need to be used.


  1. For those coloring at home: I recommend the Clairol's Jazzing semi-permanent color line. It has a lot of pigment deposit. I know that Clairol also came out with their "Advanced Gray" formulas that are no mix, but I believe there have been some reports of this "new no-mix technology" causing an allergic reaction.

  2. please keep up the great posts. I live in nashville, tn and have found that your methods and recommendations are honest and very helpful to me.


  3. Thank you LaTarra for your feedback and support! Knowledge is power, and I want to empower people to make informed decisions about their hair. Comments like yours let me know that I am making a difference! Thanks again for the compliments!

  4. I have found the consistency of the Nairobi Tru Colors semi-permanent hair colors to be thin and runny at times and "thicker" at other times. This variation in product density can cause a lot of inconsistent results. I am still leaning toward the Jazzing color line for my semi-permanent haircolor needs.