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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Product Review: Hair Growth Serum with Sulfur

There are so many hair growth serums on the market, but this one by Bee Mine products is working!!!! I started using this growth serum on one of my clients that came to me with a male pattern baldness. Her hair has been populating for years now underneath the wigs, but over the last six weeks, I have applied the Bee Mine Products' Growth Serum with Sulfur and the population of new hair seems to be exponential.

We have been more pleased than ever. She has not had a relaxer in years. Also, she is NOT allergic to sulfur. I highly recommend this growth serum to those without relaxer in their hair that would like to maximize thickening.

In addition, this product does not have a strong odor like many sulfur based products. Also, the growth serum does come without the sulfur. Those receiving relaxer services should know that sulfur based products are not compatible with relaxers. You need a week or two before and after relaxer services if you want to use this growth serum with sulfur.

If you have fine hair, you may not like the weight of this product from a styling perspective. Also, the client that is benefiting from the growth serum only gets the serum applied once every two weeks. A little goes a long way! We sell this trial size in the salon.


  1. i have a question, i was using a sulfur product (spray for growth) relaxer did not take at all (literally the new growth did not straighten) and i had tons of you think the sulfur is the culprit?

  2. Relaxers are designed to manipulate disulfide bonds which are sulfur based. If you have extra sulfur present in the hair, the results can be unpredictable and not worth the risk. From my research, relaxer burns and hair loss can be expected from using sulfur based products too close to relaxer time. After the relaxer service, the hair still needs time to normalize. Most sulfur based products and DHT blockers usually warn about special instructions for relaxed hair. So I would assume that the sulfur product spray caused breakage if use was not discontinued for about two weeks around the relaxer application. Please feel free to share the brand name of the sulfur spray? I do not hear a lot about sulfur sprays; mostly pomades and serums.

  3. My client is still thickening up with one bi-weekly application. An old school alternative that may be cheaper is Glover's Mane and Sulfur 8. These old school products have more petroleum present so they are heavy; however, people swear by them. I am sticking with the lightweight Bee Mine serum