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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hairstylists Unite Meeting: Join us!

Attention Hairstylists! I am looking to start a League focused on Kinky hair! Why?

Fresh out of beauty school, I attended the local "Black Beautician Association" meetings. It consists of elderly Black beauticians who ran the Association like a sorority or a fraternity. There were officers, fundraisers, raffle tickets, hosting of events, but when it came to how to help each other improve their business, their lips were "tight." According to the local history, politics still divided beauticians.

My thoughts are if the elderly can not seem to get along; then there is very little to pass along to the younger hairstylists.

I am looking to start a league of hairstylists to share product knowledge, techniques, and also willing to travel.

I am looking to find common ground and gain common ground amongst all hairstylist so that we can learn together versus everyone learning the hard way one at a time.

I want hairstylist to gain trust amongst each other; therefore ensuring that customers can regain trust in the beauty industry.

The first meeting will be Sunday, June 10, 2012 from 2pm to 4pm. You are to bring an open mind, product recommendations, and pen and paper.

There will be no one selling anything. There will be no dues requested as this time. There will be no cover charge. Please be willing to share your expectations from the initial meeting. If you want to be put on the agenda to speak, then let me know ahead of time.

If you want to attend to be nosy, then please do not attend. Any disruptive behavior will be kindly asked to excuse themselves regardless of your age - young or elderly. I am sorry that I have to mention this, but I have been in education classes where hairstylists were outright disrespectful to the speaker as well as disruptive to the rest of us in the class. There are no CEU credits attached with this meeting so your participation is voluntary.

I prefer a small group of quality hairstylists than a large group of disruptive women or men. We are all on the front line with all of these products always being released. We are the first to see the damage. We have to bare through it all.

I really want to leave the meeting with genuine connections within my local beauty industry. Will you join me?


  1. This sounds like a great idea. I have had relaxers and natural hair. I now wear a wave nouveau by default. After growing my for 18 months I went to a stylist with 35 years of experience to advise me on a product I could use to wear my hair in a particular style I liked. Since she was a referral, I trusted her. She did not advise me she was going to apply a WN to my hair. It damaged my natural severely. I have gone to several experienced stylist and i get the same result severe breakage and damage when they applying the WN. Even when I tell them my hair cannot handle this product being left on too long. They become defensive. Finally, I went to a young stylist who applied the product using the directions and i got the best results and no damage. Well, she moved. Now out of fear, I do it myself which is a difficult feat, but my hair is at least healthier until I decide to try to go natural, again. It seems that most of the older stylist do not listen or want to learn new ways of applying product for the best results. I love you blog and the attention you give your clientele.

  2. Thanks so much energize for the compliments and for sharing your story. Hairstylists are human. Everyone is prone to error sometimes in this practice. I am sad that you ended up with a "chemical" after 18 months of going natural. I have run across many hairstylists who do not listen. So I am ashamed to say that I am scared to go to another hairdresser as well. Unfortunately, referrals do not work out either. I've been there before too! So unless you find a person with your same set of circumstances such as curl pattern and desired results, then referrals are of little help. Even celebrity hairstylists are not a good fit for everyone that is referred to them.

    I do not offer Wave Nouveau services, but I am assuming the "rearranger" step is where you encountered overprocessing. That step is similar to a relaxer, but it's a thio based chemical versus a hydroxide.

    Sounds like following directions goes a long way! Keep up the good work! Thanks again for sharing!