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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Achieving a Bedhead Look with a Salon Finish on Fine Hair

Hair by Benita Blocker, hairstylist. Many of my clients do not like too "fixed" in place hair. They want a great haircut and to be able to finger in place and go.
Hair by Benita Blocker, hairstylist. My client here has fine hair with a Type 4c curl pattern. We can not use any heavy sprays that would weight down the strands. Also, because of her overcurly texture, we must relax about every 6 to 7 weeks. The Paul Mitchell Mild relaxer is the strongest relaxer we can use. Because her strands are fine; the mild strength is a preferred choice. We also found that demi-permanent color is too strong for fine, relaxed hair. Fine hair should not be double processed. Relaxer and a "squeeze bottle, no mix" semi-permanent color is all that can be used.
Hair by Benita Blocker, hairstylist. My client loves style so we try to maintain a great shape. We used the traditional blow-dry and marcel irons to complete this style. At night, she can wrap and moisturize lightly with products like Bee Mine Luscious Cream Moisturizer. Unwrap in the morning and pick through.
Hair by Benita Blocker, hairstylist. We also used Paul Mitchell Extra Body Hairspray (light hold) to make sure she maintains volume as the weather is getting hotter.


  1. Very nice cut. This is definitely an easy to maintain look.

  2. Thank you for the compliment! My client says that she has been getting a lot of compliments as well! Yeah!

  3. Would you suggest using the Paul Mitchell Extra Body Hairspray everyday?

  4. Hi Chenoe123! I do NOT recommend hairspray everyday because of the potential buildup that can come along with it. However, if you feel that you have brushed or combed the hairspray completely out, then lightly mist the hairspray about every 4 days to re-gain some light hold.

  5. Hi! i love your blogs and this blog is no exception as my hair is just the same as this woman. now here is whats the case for me.

    I am from Jamaica and I just started a hair journey from mid January.
    I just got a relaxer last Thursday after leaving my hair for a month extra
    before relaxing it. Now I been reading up on how to take care of relaxed
    hair and all. I decided that i would make homemade all natural herbal
    products for my hair and with that i found that it works wonder with
    aloe vera/shea butter/coconut oil and castor oil being my number 1
    ingredients. In my reading i heard of texlaxing and said that's what i
    will do with my hair. I went to the hair dresser and i told her about it and
    she put sunflower in a bit of the relaxer and she put the oil in my hair.
    then she based my hair and proceeded to relax it. now after the relaxer was
    placed in my hair and she smooth it a tiny bit she then washed it out. but when
    i was finished i realized my hair did not look texlaxed as i saw in pictures online.
    my hair looked fully relaxed. my hair was not bone straight but had a little
    texture ( but not as i saw in pics). to me not much at all. then saw the box that
    the relaxer came in, in a corner and when i looked at the box i realized it said super
    for course hair. i was shocked to see it and at the same time disappointed to know that
    with fine thin hair she used such a relaxer. i want to know does it mean my hair is over processed even although i added the oil to the relaxer and did not leave the relaxer in for long. my hair looks
    healthy yes and has gained body. since my journey i moved from mid ear length to neck length (end of neck - a tad bit below). i'm looking forward to reaching shoulder length in the next 3 months. with all that said i would like to know if my hair is over processed. ( my hair naturally soft and fine, its has 4c curl pattern, can't use heavy sprays as it will weight it down, my hair must be relaxed 6-7 or 8 weeks, and i must use a mild relaxer).

    i hope you can answer my question and give me advice. i look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks.

  6. Hi Miss Nicy! Super strength worked through your fine hair very quickly may not cause overprocessing. Signs of overprocessing is when your hair will not hold a curl without using a lot of hairspray to hold it in place. Also, if you did not lose any length, you did not get any extra frizz, it sounds like you were relaxed 80 % to 90% instead of your usual 50% to 60% texlaxing. Your hair will tell you if it is damaged by the way it looks and responds. I would not worry too much. I have seen a Paul Mitchell Super Strength relaxer used on spanish way hair without damage. All things are possible. I hope that this helps!

  7. Thanks for your response and assistance. well, i guess all is well then. is there any tips you may give for my hair to become or look thick and also retain length. i heard of this thing called dusting ie do this instead of a major trims all the time (i think). what is it exactly and how is it done. do you have a youtube channel? pls could you send me pics of low maintenance styles and then protective styles. I want to incorporate the two ways into my regimen more.

    1. Hi Miss Nicy! I do not have a youtube channel yet. LOL! I have been thinking about it. As far as low maintenance styling for a thicker look, you should consider flat twisting as a wet set. It will give you an all over wavy look or review my blog article on Figure 8 Lacers sets. Also, please check out my articles on stocking cap wigs that you can make custom for you. Also, check out article on infusion hairline and gro-protect solution quickweave. Hopefully, all of these articles will get you on the right path for your hairtype.

  8. also pls could you recommend some 100% real human wigs and weaves i can wear. thanks

    1. Eurasian Exotic Wave by has worked well for clients desiring sew-in extensions.