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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Product Review: Foltene Women's Foam

Foltene Women's Foam is a European Treatment for thinning hair. CVS pharmacy had it on sale so I figure that I would buy it. I had an area in my crown that seemed a little thin. So I took a "before picture" before I started using this women's foam off and on for about 10 days.

The foam burned my scalp a little upon application. I was thinking that it must be fighting the "bad stuff." Anyway, after 10 days of moderate usage, I took another picture, and I swear - the area had gotten worse than better. So I shampooed my hair to get rid of any traces of the foam. I also discontinued using the foam.

I have not been relaxing my hair so there were no chemicals that could have caused any side effects. So for me, I did not like the foam nor its results.


  1. Glad to be helpful . . . historically scalp treatments are a gamble. Luckily, my scalp usually recovers when I take a break from chemicals. So I will do an official check again within another week or so to judge my thickness. At least, I did not use the foam for too long.

  2. So far so good! Healthy hair follicles seem to migrate and close in the gap of any thinning areas when chemicals are ceased to be used. I am recovering nicely from this foam. I have not relaxed in at least 3 months.