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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Let us Talk about White Bobby Pins!

Feedback please. Since many of my clients still work regular daytime hours, I am usually busy at night with hair services. So if they are leaving the salon only to head to bed, then I have been pinning up their curls to head home. So I bought these white bobby pins on sale from the Sally's Beauty Supply to do that with.

My thought was this: They are just heading home. It is not a formal updo. I can save my black and brown bobby pins for formal updos.

The punchline: I have had so many clients so nicely return my white bobby pins back to me on their next visit because they do not want them. With a smile, I tell them thank you and inform them that I intend to trash them anyway in case they want to keep them. I do not want to reuse bobby pins that leave out the salon without sanitizing them, and I purposely bought these white pins to give away because they have nothing to do with the final styling. My client's behavior surrounding these white bobby pins have been quite humorous because the black bobby pins were rarely returned to me. LOL!

So honestly, what's your thoughts? I think that it would be tacky to charge a dollar upcharge for black bobby pins to pin curl the hair up at night. When I run out of the White pins, should I even consider buying anymore clearance white bobby pins in new packaging?

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