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Phenomenal . . .
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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

AppleBaum Hair Growth Club 2020 Update

When you are ready to grow a new head of hair- "Who you gonna call?"

Benita Blocker with Applebaum Hair Growth Club is still educating and providing phenomenal hair care services.

I softly introduced my premium consultations last year (2019). I also had to take a hiatus to heal from a lot of trauma that I had not dealt with in decades. I also had to comply with government shutdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

Well, all of this stress from the economy being shutdown, is definitely going to create some hair loss challenges by the Holidays. As a single woman, I am definitely about "my bag," but I am dedicated to restoring your hair and confidence for the right price.

Now, your consultation includes several Herbalife supplements including probiotics, Vitamin C support and more. No shakes are included; so no worries about dairy concerns.

Your consultation also includes at least two Colorproof haircare products.

Hollywood Hairstylist: Benita Blocker

Virtual or In person, I have over 15 years in hair care, loc care, and product knowledge. I believe in diversity. All lives matter. Contact me by FREE registration at my Herbalife website so that I can make sure your shipping information is accurate.

Then on my follow-up with you, we will discuss the consultation fee and payment options unrelated to Herbalife. (Herbalife requires documentation to who is using their products). Your registration saves me extra paperwork. Thank you in advance.  You will also get other supplements shipped from various brands according to individual needs.

Just need to get pricing? My contact information is listed on my Herbalife website as well as the Facebook page for Applebaum's Phenomenal Haircare.

At your service soon . . . ~Benita

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