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Phenomenal . . .
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Friday, May 26, 2017

Sisterlocks Anniversary: Four years ten months

Four years and ten months later, I have enough length to wash and go!

I use the L.O.C. regimen.

Liquid _Oil_Creme

Design Essentials  Coconut Monoi Line (Coconut Milk Leave-in Nourisher and Deep Moisture Milk Souffle) are a part of my Liquid and Creme.  I used the Design Essentials Hydrience Argan Hair Repair Oil Treatment for my Oil component.  The Coconut Monoi line is purchased from Sally's Beauty Supply.  I used this regimen after the shampoo and/or condition of my Sisterlocks.

I also have started carrying handbags versus shoulder bags.   My Sisterlocks kept getting trapped in the shoulder strap of my shoulder bags no matter how hard that I try to lift them off of it.  The stress and pull is not worth weakening my locs.


  1. your locs look so good - gorgeous!! i've been following your journey, and mine was bumpy at first, too, because I have psoriasis. my locs are about 5 months behind yours, and we have the same hair type. is your hair coarse or fine? i've been looking for some good products for a LOC regimen.

  2. Hi Eristotle: I have medium to coarse strands. Resistant hair. Definitely not fine. Thank you for the compliments! So happy that we made it through - the loc journey is no joke. It's like the university of "Hard knox" but we graduated! Yes!

  3. Yes! High five! I am so enjoying this ride, now that the turbulence has stopped and I can unbuckle my seat belt... :)No words can explain what it feels like for EVERY day to be a good hair day.