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Phenomenal . . .
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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Urban Hair Humor in 2017

Haircut and styling transformation by Benita Blocker

COWORKER #1:  Did you cut all your hair off just to wear a wig?
COWORKER #2:  (In answer to Coworker #1) No, she just is wearing a different wig today.

My new client:  (staring at both of her coworkers) Excuse me. That was my all of my hair before my haircut, and this is all of my hair now.  I don't wear wigs!

Huge compliment on my relaxer and haircutting skills!!!! BOOM!

Sisterlocks At 4 years 8 months

Yeah baby!  July 2017 will mark my five years Sisterlocks anniversary.  I can hardly believe five years is almost here.  What a long loc journey!  

Anyway, I am at 4 years and 8 months.  I had someone ask me if I used the "Hot water and perm rods" dipping technique to get these curls and waves in my locs.


Shampoo, condition, setting lotion, pipe cleaners, roll the Sisterlocks up, and sit under the platform dryer for about 2 hours.  It is real hair NOT braid extensions. Hair education is important!

Another Great Hair Movie: Trolls

Princess Poppy from the "Trolls" movie

I saw this Easter Basket in Walmart.  I almost purchased it because I simply loved Princess Poppy from the "Trolls" movie.  She was a happy little thing.  Royalty at its best!!!!

The Trolls movie was a definite "hair movie!"  All different haircolors and lengths were popping and growing everywhere. If you get a chance, I recommend this movie when you want to re-discover 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Long Relaxed Hair: The Bi-Annual Haircut

Blow Dry and Haircut by Benita Blocker
(Blow-dry was done lightly on unwashed hair to achieve enough straightness for a dry cut.)

It was time for my client's bi-annual haircut.  We cut two or three inches off every six months.

Typically, she wears her relaxed hair in a flat twist out.  The wet set helps maintains the healthiness of the hair.  She gets relaxer touchups every 7 weeks.  She typically gets her protein treatment a week prior to the relaxer touchup.  Without haircuts, her hair continues to grow as seen in the before and after picture above.  We do a chunky haircut every six months to "prune" her long hair back into a blunt look.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Review: Red Colorwash on Sisterlocks

Since my locs love absorbing products, I was excited about this red shampoo by Celeb Luxury Viral.

I only shampooed the midshaft to the ends of my Sisterlocks with the red shampoo.  Because my locs are mostly black besides the grey strands, I can only see the red tint in the sunlight.  I only shampooed  once with this colored shampoo.  If I was prelightened, then I would assume that the fire engine red color would be front and center.

I wore gloves to be on the safe side to minimize staining of my hands.  The shampoo suds up fine. The shampoo works.  I was a little disappointed initially, but in the sunlight, one shampoo tells the real story.

Wet Loc Length at 4 years 7 months

It is strange that people are still so obsessed with my Sisterlocks length. I am focused on curls and volume, but I have learned to give people a little more of what they want.

My Sisterlocks are four years and seven months old.  When they are wet, you see their full length. I get a lot of shrinkage when they are dry. I am okay with it. I like using the length to create fullness. 

My large (fore)head requires the length to fully frame my face. Night and day difference between bringing my locs toward the front of my face versus hanging in the back. Right? Head shapes do make a difference.

I am still using HerbaLife nutrition to lose weight and maintain healthy long hair.