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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Three Reasons for the Shrinking Black HairCare industry!

Flat Irons
When the electric, ionic flat irons took over the market,  they evened the playing field.  Everyone with or without a hair license had the ability to deliver salon styling results.

Remember the conventional stoves and marcel irons?  How about the pressing comb?  Those tools required practice and skills.  Everyone could not work the conventional hot tools.  The Black hairstylist had the competitive edge on Black hairstyling prior to the flat irons.

Salon Suites
When salon suites started making salon ownership affordable, hairstylists flocked to independence, but hairstylists stopped learning from each other.  "Divide and conquer" is exactly what happened.  Then YouTube took over.  Everyone with or without a hair license began learning from each other on an international level.

The "perfect hair" movement redefined
People have always wanted "perfect hair" despite the weather and the workouts.  However, one can not control the humidity and sweat without a lot of spritz, holding spray, hairspray, gel, or some styling aids. Over the last decade, people decided against a lot of "frozen hairstyling."  They wanted softer, flowing hair that could withstand the weather and an active lifestyle so wigs, extensions, weaves, and protective styling became mainstay.

Nowadays, many salon clients shampoo and condition their hair before going to the salon.  The Black salon in 2016 has become the place for protective styling application or braiding.  Many Black hair salons in 2016 are less about hair care as well as less about hair products.  However, around hundred years ago, it is interesting that Madame C. J. Walker started her business with hair products and expanded her business into hair services.

Black hair - Freedom or Slavery?  Are we controlling our hair or being controlled by our hair? Are we becoming the "Stepford Wives" or just simply expressive? You decide.

I look forward to 2017.

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