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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Beyonce's Lemonade and Becky's Good Hair!

Beyonce released a 60 minute video project called "Lemonade."  
Within the first 16 minutes, she 
  • destroyed about 20 car windows with a baseball bat,  
  • big wheeled over another 20 cars, 
  • told the hubby if he gets caught again, then he is going to lose his wife,
  •  and finally, she put 

"Becky with the Good Hair" 
on blast!

I am not going to address her violent relief captured on video, but I do want to address 
the "Good Hair" topic.

"Good hair" should NO LONGER be associated with any particular type of hair.  For example:

 Cassis Ventura has gorgeous hair, but it is NOT "Good Hair" for the Loc Nation.

photo credit:

And those who do well with Locs usually don't have "Good Hair" for chemical or heat straightening.

So my point is this:  If you are trying to make your hair do something opposite of its natural behavior then you are going to run into challenges.

Beyonce, Oprah, Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell -  are all examples of successful, smart women who were born with hair that probably would flourish in the "Loc Nation." However, after generations of brainwashing,  we have been taught that our hair has to look a certain way to fit in, to pass, to make us blend.

The best thing that I can say is that wigs can be worn over locs.  YouTube channel "bronzegoddess01" has a video "how to get long locs under a wig." It shows loc wearers how to flatten their locs in order to wear straight, long hair wigs seamlessly.

So leave the baseball bats at home!  Figure out what "your hair" is "good for."  Locs? Relaxer? Hot tools only? Braids?  Then do you!  When you need to look differently, grab a wig!

On a separate note, talking about turning lemons into "lemonade" . . . . please sign my online petition surrounding the false imprisonment of my cousin. He needs your moral support.  NO MONEY! Just sign and share his story!  Thank you so much in advance for supporting my #exonerateMichael campaign! Link below!

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