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Friday, March 18, 2016

Sisterlocks (tm): Is the brand worth it?

(Almost at 3 years 8 months loc-versary)

I have been preoccupied with weight loss, mass incarceration research, along with hair and salon responsibilities.  Oh yeah, also, I had been doing a little "dating."  So I have been away from posting for almost two weeks.  Oh my!  Anyway, I apologize up front that my first post back is a soapbox speech.

This week on the "Sisterlocks forum" page on Facebook.  A lady shows her new "Sisterlocks" which really are "Sista locs."  You know how creative we can get!!!  

In a nutshell, the lady's "microlocs" look professionally done to me for the price of $250.  The technician was not registered with Sisterlocks.  Of course, the average consumer does not understand interlocs versus Sista locs versus Sisterlocks tm.  The reality is that all three of these terms can be used to describe a look where they all look like the same set of locs.

Now, Sisterlocks teaches a specific grid and specific loc sizing, but not all certified Sisterlocks consultants follow the protocol.  This is where I have the problem.

The Sisterlocks folks started suggesting that the "non-Sisterlocks registered" technician took advantage of the "happy client," and she should take her loctician to small claims court to sue her for not giving her Sisterlocks.

So the Sisterlocks folks on the Sisterlocks forum suggested to a happy client to take her non-certified "Sista-locs" technician to small claims court over a $250 full head of Locs that didn't look much different than the head of Sisterlocks that I paid $750 in 2012 to have a certified Sisterlocks consultant complete which I had to sue to get a partial refund while Sisterlocks headquarters gave me their "a$$" to kiss?

News Flash: 
Sisterlocks (tm) needs to learn how to run their own business before trying to run and ruin another loctician's business. The loctician had a satisfied customer at a satistfactory price; yet, Sisterlocks tm has had many dissatisfied customers globally. Their headquarters hide behind the fact that their people are independent consultants.  They suggest using their recommended people at your own risk.

So if anyone is thinking about paying over $600 for Sisterlocks, then they should think long and hard. One may achieve a beautiful set of microlocs for less without the Sisterlocks premium price attached.

NOTE:  Thank God they deleted the thread off the page on Facebook.  It was a disgrace. If they want everyone else to keep the feedback positive on Facebook, then the forum administrators need to follow their own rules.

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