Phenomenal . . .

Phenomenal . . .
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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Day 9: Full Updo using Stretchable Comb Headband

Last January, I used the stretchable comb headband to complete a partial updo look.  This year, using the same concept, I can make a full updo work!!!!

The stretchable comb headband is a circle, and it has no tension nor sharp points to it.

I used a few clippies to keep my center area pulled together.  For those with a lot of density in the crown area, clippies may not be needed.

I  have a huge forehead.  I like this updo better than my partial mohawk updo in my last blog article.  It is Day 9 post shampoo/wet set with setting lotion.  I am on a roll with loc styling!

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