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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Day 15 Post Shampoo - Scalp Check-in

I usually shampoo about once a month. It is now 15 days since my last shampoo, and my hair and scalp feel fine. You can see a lot of gray hair rolled up onto itself. It may look like lint, but if you look closely, it is loose gray hair.  Also, my hand is holding a bundle of my Locs out of the way so that you can see my scalp.

No flakes.  I have a pretty normal scalp.  Not too oily.  Not too dry. The flash on my digital camera seems to be causing my gray hairs to reflect again looking like lint. However, it is not lint. 

I have more gray hair coming in.

Many people are always trying to connect the "loc look" and the "scalp look."  I wanted to tackle both in this article.  I have a resistant, coarser hair. As my hair has grown out, even I have been amazed by the uniqueness of my hair. I hope to shampoo soon because I want to do my wet loc check-in.  I am at Day 15 post shampoo/wet set.  I am still holding on to my style.  My maintenance is different from those with scalp challenges.  I honestly can go a few more weeks without shampooing, and my scalp will still look normal.  Anyway, I have been enjoying my loc challenge postings.  I hope to start capturing my clients' hair again next month to share.


  1. I literally had to laugh because I have lost 13 followers after posting this particular article. I am not quite sure if it is because they don't connect with my hair type or maybe they question whether my Locs are healthy. I assure you that my scalp has not changed over the last 3 years. Sometimes people expect all scalps to be the same. I know that my hair type is not the average, but I learned to love it. I also have learned that everyone is not going to accept my hairtype. I am pleased with my Loc growth and wanted to be more transparent to enlighten on my unique hair type. I appreciate my existing and future followers. My blog gets a lot of traffic because I have published over 1000 articles, and I enjoy helping people learn about hair. I will continue to educate and enlighten as I continue to learn.

  2. I updated this article some because I figured that I surely had failed to explain that I was graying in my 40's and the gray hair may resemble lint. By magnifying the pictures, everything should be more clear. I have never lost a dozen followers at one time ever before so I revisited my content of the article. Hopefully, I have described the pictures better.