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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Workout hairstyling: The Loc Bump!

I just entered an eight week weight loss contest with HerbaLife.  So I have been working out, and my roots are getting sweaty wet.   This moisture was causing my loc styling to deflate so I decided that I needed to start wearing a partial updo keep some style while working out.  

As I have mentioned on my blog in previous years, due to aging and some previous chemical damage, my hair is thinner in the top than it was a decade ago.  So when my locs were shorter, I would hide little clippies to create volume.  Now, I have plenty of loc length, but the lower density was making my partial updo awkward and unstable unless I had a lot of curls.  But I needed to be able to create an updo with straight locs which is when I started thinking maybe I could "bump-it."  I purchased these "knockoffs" from the Dollar Tree.

Then I decided that I was going to be annoyed trying to stabilize a plastic hump on top of my locs.  Then I said to myself "Why not braid up some of my locs and roll them down to create a bump?"  So that is what I did, and I massaged the rest of my locs around my own natural loc bump.  It worked brilliantly, and I secured the locs behind the bump with one of my leather hair accessories that the stick goes through.

I used this same barrette in one of my May 2014 articles about length compensating for density.  I used it when my hair was curly.

After getting stung/bite a few weeks ago while walking, I rely on Off! Active to repel insects!  My partial updo pictured here is all my locs with my own built-in "loc bump." No extra "bumpits" needed!

I am excited about getting some more weight off by 2016!

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