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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Avlon's Texture Release Update

July 2015 Class - This type 3c Hair Model's Quadrants have been misted with the Texture Release Spray in picture above.  Type 1 or Type 2 curl patterns are not recommended as a good match for this procedure.

July 2015 class - all quadrants have been combed through and the model is ready for "deep conditioning" time.

If clients do not alternate between wash n' go and straight, then no, blow-drying nor ironing is needed for wash n' go hair.  That was the be biggest change in directions compared to the July 2014 class.  The class material still showed a lotion versus a spray for product application.  So no updated literature was available at this class.  The instructor did confirm that too much product/lotion was used on the model in the July 2014 class.  I wished they would have notified the students from the July 2014 class of the errors and  changes.  Without attending this class update a year later, I still would not have known that the platform artist was in error.  

But, on a separate note, I did not stay over for the finished look for this model only because the model's hair was NOT a resistant hair type.  I was really hoping for a model with type 4 - kinky curly hair, but I am willing to try the spray out again.

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