Phenomenal . . .

Phenomenal . . .
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Monday, June 22, 2015

Three Sisterlocks Styles in One

Almost two years and 11 months into my Sisterlocks journey.  I can achieve styling without much effort!

My Doobie look

My center part look!

I used the Hempz Vanilla Plum shampoo and conditioner.  I felt it was a little dry so I used the Design Essentials Nutriment to hydrate my scalp and locs.  I will probably shampoo again next week.  I have a few other shampoo samples to try out.  I also have been exercising more because of my weight loss competitions.  So the extra sweat and salt from the sweating has made me a little more sensitive to monitoring my locs.  So far so good, my locs shrink as usual when dry, but it's all good!

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