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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Wash Day Status: No Locs Lost

Believe it or not, my hair is dry in this picture.  I was trying to showcase my length without it being fully saturated in water.  There is no water in this straight loc look, but there is still some shrinkage. Oh well, it will have to do for now.

On a separate note, I have three locs in my problem area that I mentioned in a previous blog article that had thinned because the locs were too large to support the curl behavior and curl diameter of that area.  This is one of the first times that I realized how beneficial the small Sisterlocks that I had asked for originally would have been if my Sisterlocks were done in accordance with the Sisterlocks grid.

Before the wash - my loc styling still looked good right?  The Tropical Roots foam really holds my wet sets.  I love it!

 After my wash, I used the Mizani Supreme Oil Conditioner as a leave-in conditioner.  It is usually a rinse-out conditioner, but one of my natural clients started using it as a leave-in so I figured that I would try it too!  I had to work it into my locs, but it dried without a film.  I know that some people worry about "build-up" but I am ready to start treating my locs like natural loose hair.  This wash and go look is going to be my new "straight look" option.  I am also thinking about cornrowing my locs and getting crochet braids to give a new "non-dreadlock" look.  I am ready to have some more unrestricted fun!

Oh yeah, the one loc that I used the liquid beeswax on has been wonderful and well behaved.  I mentioned this in a previous article on this blog, but I will take an updated picture of that loc in another article coming soon.

And yes, all of my Sisterlocks are still holding on.  I believe that because the three thinner locs that I was worried about are surrounded by other locs that support them, they are going to be fine.  I am going to go into a hydration centered maintenance mode for about a month or so because I want to focus on health versus styling of my locs.

I plan to use my Bath and Body Works hair mist to keep this Mizani Conditioner activated in my locs.  I haven't lost any locs, and I hope that I do not, but I am keeping a close eye on the three locs in the back.  I also want to start about three more baby locs in that same area with the hair that pulled away.  By keeping that area hydrated, it will not fight me as I work to manipulate it into a new coils of hair.  Any new locs that I do get going will be two years and seven months behind the rest of my locs.  I will have to remember they were slow starts versus breakage.  I may or may not update on the progress of my problem area for months from now, but I will do my usual monthly check-in's for my hair as a whole.

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