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Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Sisterlocks Horror Stories

Someone stated "It is a rare few that experience bad luck with Sisterlocks consultants."

With resounding laughter, I respond to this individual.  Only someone delusional would make such a statement.

So how many doctors are in the world?  Millions? Billions?  
So why is it so hard to find a doctor that is a good fit for you?

So how many hairstylists are in the world? Millions?  
So why is it so hard to find a hairstylist that is a good fit for you?

So how many registered and/or certified Sisterlocks consultants are in the world?  Thousands?
So why should it be so easy to find a Sisterlocks consultant that is a good fit for you?  It is not easy.

There are probably more bad experiences with Sisterlocks consultants than good experiences because you do not have true state regulatory agencies to track complaints about Sisterlocks consultants.  Many people suffer in silence regarding their Sisterlocks experience.  I have had people internationally share that they had a bad Sisterlocks experience after hearing about my story.

Am I against Sisterlocks? No.  I am against unprofessional people under the Sisterlocks umbrella.

Sisterlocks has a list of registered consultants who have taken the Sisterlocks training course, and they have a list of certified consultants who have completed documented qualification steps to be put on that list.

I am a registered consultant with Sisterlocks.  I have patronized three Sisterlocks consultants on the certified list.   My first certified Sisterlocks consultant overcharged, under-delivered, and made me feel like I was scammed.   My second certified Sisterlocks consultant overtightened my Sisterlocks, then told me to wait longer next time before coming back for tightening.  She could have told me at the start of the session that four weeks was too soon.  Then my third certified Sisterlocks consultant went through my whole head  ripping my ends off because she said my ends should be loose.  I lost one and two inches of length partly because it was relaxed hair that had matted and gave away from the consultant ripping away at my Sisterlocks.

All three consultants were from the certified Sisterlocks consultants list on the website.  So what are the chances that someone new is going to have a bad experience with Sisterlocks?  I am going to say that there is a 50/50 chance that you are going to have a good experience with Sisterlocks.

As a salon owner, a full time cosmetologist, a hair blog writer, and I had a horrible experience with Sisterlocks consultants; then how is it rare that others will not have a horrible experience?  Wake up and smell the coffee.

Sisterlocks,  if done in accordance with Sisterlocks guidelines, should cost more because the package includes a free retightening session (i.e. a second service without charge) in addition to the initial locking session.  The Sisterlocks package should include a Sisterlocks starter kit that includes a postcard to send off for your Sisterlocks birth certificate.  If it does not include this Sisterlocks literature to submit to Sisterlocks headquarters, then your starter kit may be a fraud. (i.e. something the consultant made up as a replacement for the real Sisterlocks starter kit)

Articles like this may make people uncomfortable with even considering Sisterlocks services, but it takes articles like this to stop unprofessional Sisterlocks consultants from continuing to scam consumers.

It only takes "one bad apple to ruin the whole bunch."  If we can keep consumers informed that the Sisterlocks umbrella is a group of independent consultants and  that they are each in a practice where everyone has to find a consultant that is a good fit, then consumers will know to tackle finding a Sisterlocks consultant is like finding a doctor or a hairstylist.  Referrals and interviews are important.  The Sisterlocks consultant options in any one city/town/state may not be plentiful enough to find a good fit.  If you relocate to a new area, you may or may not have any Sisterlocks options.  People need to make educated decisions about their hair.

I salute all the outstanding Sisterlocks consultants in the world.  I have definitely met some that I would happily refer.  So Sisterlocks can be a beautiful thing.  I am thankful to Dr. Cornwell for pioneering this modern feminine twist on the dreadlock concept.  I already had conceived in my mind "micro locks" before stumbling upon the Sisterlocks solution.  Once I saw the Sisterlocks website, I knew that it matched my concept that I had already envisioned.  I am not disappointed in having my hair locked, but I suffered a lot of stress and trauma surrounding Sisterlocks.  I do not wish anyone else to suffer at any locticians' hands when you are paying over $400 USD for a locking service.

Knowledge is power.  Hair is a powerful thing too.  Choose wisely.


  1. Thank you for the information. I don't suppose you know anyone in the Michigan area that you could personally recommend?

    1. Monica Geary, Master Trainer, from Ann Arbor is one of the best Sisterlocks professionals that I have ever met!!!!!

    2. Thank you so much! I love your blog!