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Sunday, March 8, 2015

March 2015 Relaxer Update

As you may remember that Paul Mitchell stopped manufacturing Mild and Super strengths of their relaxer system.  I did not have anyone on the super strength, but I definitely had one client on the mild strength.  The regular strength was just too much for her hair.

Since discontinuing the mild Paul Mitchell especially when most of the Mild strengths that were on the store shelves were expired, I had to try smoothing treatments as well as permanent color to texturize my client's hair for more control.  These alternatives helped, but they had not proven to be a long-term fix so to the "kiddie relaxer" system we went.

I decided on ORS (formerly Organic Root Stimulator brand) Girls version.  It was one strength, and you leave it on as long as you need it to stay on to reach desired straightness. I only needed 10 minutes before rinsing the product out, but it did not cause any damage to the hair despite the permanent color and smoothing treatments already exposed to the hair on previous visits at least two weeks apart.

For ultra coily hair types, the relaxer seems to deliver the most polished look, but not all coily hair is resistant.  Some coily hair is very pliable, and it will chemically straighten very quickly.  Others with the same curl pattern can have resistant curl behavior and a "super" may be an option.

On a separate note, when neutralizing the Paul Mitchell relaxer system, depending on the porosity of the hair and the hair type, I've found that shampooing a couple of times with the Shampoo Two before going to the Lavender Mint Shampoo will strip that extra grease from the base out.  Sometimes I may even finish the shampoo process with a Shampoo one if the hair feels too dry.  I think that each hairstylist will have to adjust the neutralizing shampoo and conditioning steps to custom fit the needs of the client.  I have even on occasions grabbed a neutralizing shampoo from a different brand as a final shampoo. The Nu Expressions 10 in 1 color indicator conditioner helps to let me know if relaxer residue is clinging to the hair as well.

I hope these relaxer tips come in handy. As always, sticking to the manufacturer's instructions is always recommended.  Also, the ORS Girls relaxer has its own neutralizing products included with the kit.  I used the kit as recommended.

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