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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Benita Blocker: Specialized in What?

I am asked all the time what do I specialize in? Or people assume that I do a lot of natural hair because my hair is natural. The crazy thing is that hairstylists often conform to the demands of the clients coming to them. "When in Rome; do as the Romans."

So before I answer the question as to "what hair services that I specialize in," please allow me to explain

  • Every year,  I am taking continuing education classes in haircutting, haircoloring, blow-drying, and cosmetic artistry.  I take refresher courses in hair extensions and smoothing treatments as well.
  • There are specialty salons for blow-dry styling only as well as colorists as well as barbershops.
  • I would literally lose my mind if I did the same thing all the time day in and day out.  So in one day, I can tighten locs, roller set relaxed hair, perform a relaxer service, and perform haircoloring to cover gray hair.
  • My salon clientele is built on chemical services. I love my clientele because they are good spirited people.
  • As a business owner, the work of one will always be the "work of one."  I have always been looking to add quality hairstylists to my salon.

So back to the original question, 
I specialize in personalized hair solutions for medium to long hair.  

Even though, my own hair is Sisterlocked in which I self maintain, locs are NOT for everyone's lifestyle.  Also, chemicals are NOT good for every hair types.  I partner with clientele to assist in review of all their hair options based on their curl behavior, lifestyle, and hair type.

I am advanced in haircutting and haircoloring because of the classes that I take, but if someone needs a full head of multi-dimensional foils, then I will have to refer them out because even the best colorists need an assistant to complete certain color services with optimum speed.

I will also mention that I am a classic hairstylist.  Flips, spikes, and other edgy finishing touches are NOT my thing.  

And to the naturalistas:  unless you are "wash and go" or want flat twist, individual twists, loc start-up, or to go into chemicals, then I am at my limit with pressing the hair without chemicals.  Typically, most people with hair that is easy to straighten, then they can "do-it-yourself" at home.  The naturalistas that come to the salon to be straighten, typically require a fine line between movement and hold.  I  often give my best effort, but I usually have no idea with new clients whether the procedure held for more than a week or two.

Also, I do not like micro short haircuts.  I specialize in medium to long haircutting.

I believe in stocking a variety of hair treatments and conditioners as well as keeping luxury shampoos in my arsenal.  I am definitely committed to assisting new clients in seeing a new outlook on their hair if they are ready for a change.

My salon is located in a shopping center with free parking. It's called Applebaum.  Also, our Facebook page is Applebaum's Phenomenal Haircare because it's more about the care of one's hair versus the size of the salon.

I am licensed in California, Georgia, and North Carolina.  I am always accepting new clients.  So Welcome to Applebaum 101!

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