Phenomenal . . .

Phenomenal . . .
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Monday, February 23, 2015

Two years and 7 months Wet Sisterlocks Length Check-in

 Two years and seven months Sisterlocks anniversary is in full effect! This is my wet length check-in.  I still maintain my own locs by hand interlocking.

 I have some great length on my non-relaxed hair.  I still have some relaxed ends in the front.

 Some men love longer hair.  Let's see how the next few years go. Laughing out loud.

 I have a short torso so focus away from the mirror reflection please. Laughing out loud. Back of my hair is below shoulder length.
I was enjoying the one side whip of the hair.  I will have to go into my hair accessories stash and see what new accessories I can play with.

This picture above was my locs before I shampooed my hair.  I took my updo down to show you that the Tropical Roots foam that I brought back from California holds really well.  I only shampooed to get a clean head.  My locs were still able to hold a style.  Not too soft; not too dry.

Any salon or any hairstylist interested in meeting with me as a loc consultant should contact Applebaum Salon in North Carolina.  If you come to me with your client, then I can offer a $25 flat rate for up to 30 minutes.  Otherwise, take care of my travel accommodations, and I can fly to you!  Additional terms may include food, group consultation rate, etc.

I do suggest taking the Sisterlocks course in conjunction with my consultation.  The Sisterlocks course is separate and is through Sisterlocks headquarters.


  1. You are doing a great job caring for your locs. I have enjoyed watching your hair journey. They are so neat.

    1. Thanks LaQT/Ty! I still look back and say "wow, I remember when they were starter locs sitting on top of my head." So happy to finally wake up and not scare anyone. LOL