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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November 2014 Honorable Mentions

1.  Avlon Industries - makers of KeraCare and Affirm have launched a new hair maintenance line in response to the diversion challenges of the KeraCare line.  I have not tried the Affirm MoisturRight products yet, but the shampoos are sulfate-free.  Hopefully, you heard this announcement from me first!  Smile.

2. Please be careful with facial cleansers.  They can cause additional dryness around the hairline resulting in breakage.  You may want to wear a sweat band to protect your hairline when getting facials and/or cleansing your face at home.

3. Facial hair on women can happen as women age.  As a woman's female hormones lessen, unwanted facial hair may appear in the chin or jawline. i.e. chin wax

4. The hair on top of your head is not the only hair on your body that goes gray.  Eyebrows, underarms, private areas can become "salt and pepper" as well. Don't you love the aging process!  Ha Ha Ha

5. There are more metallic haircolors available now to mimic gray hair for those who want to become a "silver fox."

6. The NuDred sponge has even more competition now.  I have seen the knock-off version of it in the beauty supply store.  I first introduced the NuDred sponge in January of this year.  Please see separate blog article for more information on the original NuDred sponge.

7. Those in love with raw organic coconut oil, do not forget the cold weather may lessen the benefits of it because it will solidify on and off the hair. Please consider a different hairdressing for the winter months such as My Honey Child Sophia's Old Fashioned Hair Grease.  Please see my separate blog article on My Honey Child products.

8. Some natural women are finding that the conditioners that you usually rinse out work well as a leave-in styling agent.

9. Some of the towering large afros that you may see are actually wigs, but not all of them.  The real afros may get the assistance of a blow dryer.

10. Design Essentials Honey custard can be layered on top of the Almond and Avocado Detangling Leave-in Conditioner to lock in the style without any extra residue.

This is all the tidbits that I wanted to address for now.  I look forward to posting my "Best of" list by December of this year!  


  1. Are you using any other kera care products for your relaxed clients

    1. I still use some of the Affirm and Fiberguard Affirm relaxers and their neutralizing components. I will probably stick with higher end maintenance products. I was not impressed with the new clarifying shampoo. It worked but I did not see where it was light years away from the same o' same o. So KeraCare maintenance products are on hand just in case I need them, but it is not my number one.choice for in salon use. For affordable home use, yes, I am selling it as top choice.