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Phenomenal . . .
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Monday, August 19, 2013

Bronner Brothers August 2013 Hair Show Atlanta

Can you guess how long it took to get his hair like this?   (The answer at the end of this article.)

I am happy that I attended The Bronner Brothers International Hair Show in Atlanta this month even though it was much smaller than I ever remembered.  There was no one selling souvenir booklets.  I am not sure if they even had them for sale.  There were no one selling the Dominican products that I needed to restock for the salon. Upon stepping onto the exhibit floor I could see the stopping points where the vendor booths ended on each side of the floor.  So I immediately made my decision to get everything completed in one day.

Now for the GREAT news!  I enjoyed my makeup artistry class and my laser light therapy class for hair loss!

I also found some products or accessories to put on a wish list to purchase for the future.  I was able to get product referrals for items not at the show.  It was great networking!

 In addition, from the pictures here, there was a lot of color . . . hair color, extension color.  There was a lot of fantasy hair artistry as well as barber artistry.  I will do separate articles on the Light therapy, making your own wefted hair, and Barber artistry.  So stay tuned.  I always learn something when attending any hair show.  I really encourage others to continue to attend!

Last, but not least, these unofficial Bronner Brothers show models were back! I believe I captured them at the February 2013 hair show as well.  Also, the answer to the question at the beginning of this article is three (3) hours.  That is what he told me . . .  it took three hours to reach that perfection for the male model in blue.  Did anyone guess right?

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