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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

One Year Locks Anniversary: Raw Honey Retightening

 July 24, 2012 was my Sisterlocks birth date.  July 24, 2013 marked my (dread) locks one year anniversary.  What a journey?  God has the Master Plan.  Because my Sisterlocks are not super small, I have began to convert my tightening method to finger twisting.  I have been using all natural aloe based gels and natural oils because apparently, based on my interviews, all those "twist and lock gels" have by-products that can cause build-up on your locks.

People with the healthiest locks are the only ones that I am interviewing, and some people only use shea butter and olive oil.  No gels at all.

I like the idea of using natural products for my locked hair.  I also realized that with the Sisterlocks being an interlocking technique that it seems to "uncoil" my natural hair pattern.  My finger twisting seen to have been in vain the last few self-tightening sessions because my hair kept unwinding until reaching the interlocked area of the lock.  So out of desperation to secure my new growth from unwinding, I decided to try the "Sweet Locks" approach using honey.  I purchased local raw honey.

I poured the honey in a disposable container.  I tasted it too.  Delicious!  Based on my research, one lady said "bees make honey from nectar, not honey from honey."  So far, no bees have been buzzing around me, but if I sweat too much I may attract some flies. Smile.  The honey seems to be holding the new growth in place. I will probably continue using the honey for my tightening until the locks get trained to coil and stay, then I will go back to the lightweight aloe vera gels.

Please note: Add an hour or more to your tightening time when using honey. So I believe it took me about 4.5 hours versus 3 hours this last self tightening session.

I used the French Perm Stabilizer Plus as my final conditioner.  It is an acidic rinse, and according to reviews, it silkens natural hair.  The foamming action was great. It left my locks soft.

It is designed to be a post-relaxer conditioner. pH is 2.5.  You do have to rinse it out. I purchased it from Sally's Beauty Supply for about $5.00 USD.  I will probably write a separate article on this conditioner at a later date.

Also, on a separate note, I have done articles about comb twisting locks, but now, I believe, only starter locks make sense to comb twist.  The finger twisting technique seems to be the best tightening technique for me.  I will continue to update you on my lock journey . . . until next time.

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