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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mizani Lacers: New versus Old Version

 The new Mizani lacers are brown in color and more firm compared to the green colored ones described in one of my previous articles on this blog.

 There are about three basic ways to use these lacers.  Two of the techniques are shown above.  1) Figure 8 lacing of the hair or dreadlocks (far right).  2) Spiraling the hair or dreadlocks. (first one from the left)  The third technique is similar to using  "Soft Spikes" and "Lock Loops" which are discussed in another article on this blog.

If you still have the green Mizani Lacers on hand, I suggest using two at a time plus end papers to protect the hair from pulling to achieve the same effects of the new and improved Brown Mizani Lacers.

These lacers can be used as alternatives to flexi-rods.  The lacers fit under the platform dryer easier than a head full of flexi-rods.  Also, the lacers are said to be less painful than the flexi-rods as they dry and need to be removed.


  1. Hi, do you sell these from your salon?

  2. Hi Rose: Armstrong Beauty Supply in Gastonia sells the lacers. They service my salon on a regular basis. I can buy them if customer prepays otherwise it is best to order from Armstrong directly. 24 Come in the new packaging. 2 Packs around $30 I believe.