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Phenomenal . . .
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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Professional Full Lace Human Hair Wig

With the Summer heat approaching, many will be looking for cooler, protective styling options.  This particular full lace human hair wig is made from delicate lace and is special ordered from a professional distributor. The lace is breathable and soft.  You can part it anywhere that you would like.

I have seen some online human hair full lace wigs starting at $300.  This unit retails for $1500, but it is designed to last a whole year.  My client that elected to make this investment is very happy.

It comes with 18 inch hair on it. When wet, it has a wet and wavy look to it.  My client is wearing it long for now.  We will gradually cut it shorter every 3 months or so because long hair can be more prone to tangle. We sew the back down onto her cornrows.  We use adhesives to keep the front in tact.  Updos are easy with this unit.  Roller sets give it volume.  The lace is so soft that there is no need to wear an extra nylon cap which really makes this unit very cool and breathable and safe on your own hair.

This full lace wig is from the Rio Collection.  The style is called the Alexi, Yaki Perm Straight.  I have swatches for the color options.  This unit can only be ordered by professional hairstylists.


  1. Good post. Where do you usually get your wigs?

    1. This full lace is from the same company that offers Ultratress seamless hair extensions. Why do you ask? I may can be of more assistance if I understand your goal.