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Phenomenal . . .
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Friday, June 28, 2013

Miss Clairol Magnetic Wristband for Updos

 When pinning up locks or buns or any updo, this magnetic wristband is perfect for holding plenty of hair pins and bobby pins!  I purchased this years ago.  It is by Miss Clairol.  I am not sure if these are still on the market but I love it.

Another great idea from another subscriber:  Will this bracelet support other accessories besides pins?
Well, clips, roller pins, and magnetic stic pics seems to stick nicely too!


  1. Behindthechair is selling a similar item called a magnetic cuff.

  2. The newest magnetic cuff is called Pin Ups by Nicholas French.

  3. Here's another version

    Will you do me a favor and test to see if the amber colored roller pins will hold on the magnetic bracelet that you have? There's metal under the amber coating. I think this will help me with roller setting, but I don't want to waste $$, if it will not work. TIA

  4. Hi Tia (MileHighDiva): I just added a new picture to this article. I am unsure of what are the amber colored roller pins that you spoke of, but the magnetic stic pics that I had on hand sounded similar to your roller pin example. I hope that this new picture answers your question. Let me know!

  5. Thank you, so much! You rock! Those are exactly the kind I was referencing, now I can order one and know that it'll work for what I'm trying to do.

    1. Big SMILE. You are welcome! I am happy to help!