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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dreadlock Analysis at 11 months

I wanted to do an individual analysis of one of my (Sister)locks at this 11 month period.  My dreadlocks have two transitions in them, but you probably can only see one transition in this picture.  The obvious transition is where I still have relaxed hair hanging onto the lock.  

1) From the scalp to the length of the clip is the finger twist tightening technique. (around 3 months of new growth)
2) From the end of the clip to the start of the "stringy end" is the Sisterlock interlocking technique.  (around 8 months midshift)
3) The "stringy end" is my relaxed hair that has been woven using the Sisterlock interlocking technique.

So I can not visually tell the difference between finger twisting and Interlocking as far as lock formation.  I can only tell where I have chemically processed hair.

My dreadlock pictured above measures over 5 inches in total length including over 2 inches of relaxed hair.  I actually wonder if I had enough new growth to have even started Sisterlocks 11 months ago.

So by my calculations, I gained about 3 solid inches of lock length in 11 months. Considering my coily, zig zag curl pattern never showed a lot of length until it was straightened by heat or chemical, I am comfortable with my growth cycle.  In another 22 months, I should be a nice full chin level bob without the relaxed, stringy ends.  It may even be sooner who knows?

Well, we shall see!

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  1. People are saying that they like my locks better now that I am tightening them myself. They are noticing it's fuller. I am definitely receiving many more compliments, and my locks are easier for me to style. I think the key to my lock styling is to not overtighten them and to twist my surrounding stray hairs into the lock base. I do not think interlocking my hair without hydrating it was a good fit for my particular hair.