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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Successful Virgin Relaxer Service

 So at age 12, my client was ready for straight hair on a permanent basis. It was time for her first relaxer.  I prepared for the virgin relaxer procedure.  I draped her with a fabric chemical cape.  I lined her shoulders with Glad Press N' Seal and connected it in the front like an additional drape.

I selected Affirm Normal and Affirm Mild as my relaxer systems mainly because they work without the burning.  I used the Normal strength to go through the midshaft through the ends.  I then went back to the roots and applied the Mild strength.  Initially, I put a 2 inch guide of relaxer throughout the hair about an inch or inch and a half away from the scalp to allow me to go through a second pass to get from my relaxer guide down the mid-shaft and all the way through the ends.  The roots and hairline were covered at my third pass through the hair.  I completed the first and second passes within 20 minutes. The product was very heavy on the hair.  I had to gently fight to get the hair parted to evenly distribute Mild relaxer to the remaining roots, but we successfully completed the full virgin relaxer application and smoothing within 35 minutes.  The salon temperature was cool.  The length was extremely long. Medium length hair will have taken less time.
In a separate article, I discussed lining my relaxer bowls to make less work for me to clean up.
We had shampooed, blow dried and french braided her hair three days prior to the virgin relaxer.  The Press N'Seal wrap stayed in place to protect the cape from getting chemical all over it.  I had to snap the picture quickly so I had a paper towel in my hand that accidently got into the picture above, but you can see how long the relaxed hair stretched to.   I then unloosed the Press N'Seal drape in the front and gathered it up with her relaxer coated hair enclosed.  I laid her hair bundle into the shampoo bowl then I gentled peeled the Press N'Seal wrap from out of the shampoo bowl and began a long, long rinse.  I blotted dry and checked the whole head, cleared the shampoo bowl neck area and then rinsed some more.  I did three shampoos with the final shampoo being towel blotted and completed with her seated upright.  The towel blot before the final Affirm normalizing shampoo made a difference.  The lather was completely white.  The first two shampoos seemed to still yield some faint pink lather.  It was definitely squeaky clean by the third shampoo.  I conditioned and color bathed the hair under the dryer for about 15 minutes.

The roots were less straight than the midshaft, but straight enough and  they can be easily taken care of at the next relaxer touch-up service.  All of the hair was straight enough for me to roll with the gray magnetic rollers.  Dryer time is about 1.5 hours.
 I did go in and straighten the roots a little more with the marcel irons, and we did "trim" the hair.  At age 12, she did not need a blunt cut.
Successful virgin relaxer service by Benita Blocker.  My client received a "First Relaxer" certificate from me with my Applebaum logo.


  1. Wow her hair is beautiful! You did a great job and thanks for thoroughly explaining the process

  2. Thanks Ms. D! and you are welcomed. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone who decides to return to the permanent relaxers for their lifestyle convenience.

  3. Even though I don't comment much, I really enjoy your blog! It's funny because I'm relaxed and not anti-relaxers by any means but when I saw that little girl's beautiful natural hair I wanted to shout NOOOOOO! LOL! The results are very lovely!

    1. Thanks Ebony CPrincess for the compliments and comment. I hear ya. Her mother and I agree with you 100%. LOL! She and I tried to show her as many natural hairstyling options that we could find for about 2 months, but the firm reply a repetitious "no, big hair and no, curly hair." . Her shampoo and straightening services were 3.5 Hours long. Shampoo and conditioning was at least an hour long. She loves straight hair, straight edges, and she was not changing her mind. So her mother and I gave in. By relaxing it, her mom can now service her at home as necessary, and it will save us an hour in the salon. We will lose roller set drying time of 1.5 Hours but less work straightening it. I hope that this makes you feel better. Lol! This service was not a last minute decision, definitely a planned decision including the two French braids prior to the virgin relaxer service. Smile. So rest easy, we were hoping she would embrace her texture but maybe in another decade. Lol!

    2. Thanks for the thorough reply! I remember wanting a relaxer as a child (my first was at 14) and it was because I hated running from the rain because it would cause my press n' curled hair to revert. So I can certainly understand the sentiments of this little girl. I'm glad her mom is keeping her hair's health in mind! Now I can sleep a little better at night, LOL!!! ;)