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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Fishtail Braid Hairstyling

Were you looking for a new ponytail option for the summer heat?  Fergie is sporting a loose fishtail braid using a chunky technique.  Once you fishtail braid your ponytail and anchor it at the bottom, then you can loosen it up for a messier, beach look.

Rihanna is sporting a fishtail braid using small pieces at a time.  Photo credit from
The fishtail braids can be exotic and elegant at the same time.

 Fishtail braid by Benita Blocker.  

I used small pieces to make this fishtail braid myself.  There are quite a few online tutorials.  Starting the fishtail braid is a little tricky, but with practice, it is a "piece of cake."  The brown fishtail braid above was about my sixth practice round.  I have mastered three techniques of fishtail braiding now.

1)  Chunky (big pieces)
2)  Non-chunky (small pieces)
3)  Chunky with Extreme tension

In the DVD called a "Fishtail Twirl" that I purchased years ago, I learned how to make the fishtail braid with a lot of tension to it.  I did not find any online videos showing this extra step showcased in this video featuring  platform artist Samantha Huntley.  Overall, the camera angles were not shot well in this video. By learning the basics of fishtail braiding from the free online tutorials, I was able to figure out what Samantha was doing when the video camera angles were focussed on the wrong side of her hands.  This DVD inspired me to try these chunkier, tighter looking fishtail braids below.  These were my 4th and 5th practice rounds.

The $2.00 jumbo braiding hair was used with these black fishtail braids.  As seem on the DVD cover, this tighter  (chunky with extreme tension) version of the fishtail braids can be sealed at the ends and twisted into an updo.

In the picture below, I am showing my looser fishtail on the left and the DVD cover of the tighter, chunkier fishtail updo on the right.

For Fishtail braided styling for loc wearers: Go to
Click on link above to see a video for a Loc style updo by youtuber marijahbetula.

Photo source:

Have fun with your fishtail braided hairstyles!

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  1. Tennis professional Sloane Stephens wore a fishtail braid as she competed against Serena Williams in the US Open today. Congratulations Serena on your win advancing you into the next phase!