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Phenomenal . . .
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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Motorcycles and Long Hair Solutions

I had a new client to come in for a long layered hair cut.  She was a White female with "straight hair" but her hair was all tangled up.  She admitted to just completing a motorcycle ride.  After making my best attempt to comb through a section of the tangles, I asked her how does she usually "untangle" her hair.  I did not want to use oil because her hair was fine/medium and oil typically will be harder to shampoo out of her hairtype.

She stated that hot water and Garnier Fructis conditioner releases the tangles.  I do not keep Garnier Fructis in the salon, and I do not like the idea of "hot water," but nonetheless, we worked the tangles out and got her cut and styled.

In the future,  I would recommend to other female bike riders with long hair,  please consider the following
hair accessories:

1) a hair glove
2) a ponytail wrap
3) a barrette sleeve

or 4) just braid it up and band it.

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