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Monday, May 27, 2013

Introduction to Beth Minardi Haircolor

When dealing with double processed hair (relaxer and permanent color), I prefer to stick with a haircolor line that has a 1:1 ratio of color vs. developer.  Also, I like that fact that the Minardi haircolor line has a 5 volume developer versus the 10 volume.

I am uncertain if this color line is progressive or not, but because Beth Minardi understands the importance of keeping the gray hair covered, I feel certain that this haircolor is going to become my new favorite.

I currently use Schwarzkopf haircolor in the salon which is also a 1:1 ratio, but with some recent company reorganizations, it sent all of us into a frenzy trying to get our hands on the new packaging, training, etc.

Everyone always needs a backup plan.  I spoke with a few Minardi representatives recently.  Here is what I learned:

1) They do not offer a semi-permanent color in their line.  Just demi-permanent color in either cream or liquid as well as permanent haircolor.

2) The "ICE" category is like a "NN" but it is not to be used alone.

3) The Liquid Demi-permanent color can be used as a filler during color correction services.

4) The cream Demi-permanent color is more alkaline than the liquid demi-permanent color.  The liquid formula is more acidic and sheer.

5)  The Demi-permanent color is in purple packaging, and the corresponding backbar shampoo and "after-wash"  has purple labelling.  The permanent color is in orange packaging, and the corresponding backbar shampoo and "after-wash" has orange labelling.

6) Clients with less than 50% gray can get solid gray coverage with the demi-permanent color.

7) Permanent haircolor has a 45 minute suggested processing time.  That's a good window for application as well.

I have noticed the swatches look darker than the usual color levels that I work with.  I will have to keep everyone posted as I get more experienced with matching the color levels for this particular line.


  1. So far so good on double processed ethnic hair, but I was told that the gray coverage was a little challenging without the ICE combo on mainstream, un-relaxed hair.

  2. I found the Demi color used with a 5 volume developer to be harsh on the hair. I have Afro textured hair which was previously lightened a year ago. I used the 6rr series as a refresher and was pleased with the color however my hair has been extremely dry and sheds/ breaks

    1. Beth Minardi's demi-permanent creme haircolor is alkaline. I use it in lieu of a relaxer to deliver a texturized looseness on afro textures hair. So you are correct, to be careful with the cream Demi. However, her liquid demi-permanent haircolor is acidic and goes on wet. It still requires 5 volume developer, but you will find it more sealing with shine.